Occupational health and safety - Akmenės cementas
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Occupational health and safety

Akmenės cementas AB pays specific attention to health and safety of workers. The company has established Occupational health and safety department, which performs its functions following the law on Safety and Health at work of the Republic of Lithuania, and other occupational health and safety legislation, drawn up and approved by the occupational health and safety department regulations and the occupational health and safety department specialists’ Staff Regulations.

On 22nd April, 2008 Occupational health and safety management system, certified by Swedish National testing and Research Institute and meeting requirements of OHSAS 18001:2007 was implemented. Occupational health and safety management system is to ensure health and safety of company’s workers reducing likelihood of accidents at work and morbidity. It is an interest of all company’s workers.

In order to create safe and healthy environment throughout the management of Akmenės cementas AB carries out a risk assessment and prevention of diseases and injuries. Also analyses results, sets tasks and goals, makes programmes for improvement of personnel safety, health and working environment. Implements work methods and technologies the least dangerous for safety and health of workers. Continually enhances personnel health and safety awareness and qualification.