About us - Akmenės cementas
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About us

About company

Stock company Akmenės cementas is one of the largest companies in Baltic region and the only company in Lithuania, which manufactures cement.

Our plant produces over million tons of this building material a year and the quality of product meets all Lithuanian as well as European requirements.

Being one of the largest industry companies in Lithuania, we take regular development as our strategic business objective. We give constant attention to product quality, reasoned decisions of pollution problems, improvement of employee’s professional skills and implementation of investment projects.

Modernization is currently in progress in a company – wet cement production process is being modified to dry production process. Such conversion will enable to reduce fuel consumption per unit of production by half. Because of that the amount of CO2 emission will decrease.

Independent cement testing laboratory accredited by Lithuanian National Accreditation Bureau is functioning in our company. Physical, mechanical and chemical testing and services for outside clients are performed in the laboratory. Elemental carbon, solid fuel calorific capacity and other parameters are tested in laboratory.

Environment protection is one of the most important spheres of regular development for Akmenės cementas. We have set a task to change about 50 percent of main fuel into alternative fuel including burning of waste. Approximately 10 percent of basic fuel in production process in our company is already waste tyres.

We are improving working conditions starting with establishment of the company.