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Cement types

Exceptional characteristics of cement produced in Akmenės cementas AB is that all ordinary early strength cement is in conformity to early strength of rapid cement.

The following cement types are produced for Lithuanian market:

 Cement types EC certificateDeclarations of perfomanceSafety data sheet
 CEM I 52,5 R




 CEM I 42,5 R




 CEM I 42,5 N




 CEM II/A-LL 42,5 N



CEM II/A-LL 42,5 R 1397-CPR-0287



 CEM II/A-S 42,5 N




 CEM III/B 32,5 N-LH/SR 




Noteworthy, that cement produced for Lithuanian market contains limited alkali content, it is ≤ 0,8 % calculating at Na2O equivalent, since aggregates in Lithuania contain reactive rock. Such type of cement is additionally marked (MA).

Cement type, containing concentration of water dissoluble chromium (VI) not less than 0, 0002 % of dry cement mass, is additionally marked (A).

The main cement characteristics:

Cement type

Alkali content, calculating

at Na2O equivalent

Strength after 2 daysStrength after 28 days
CEM I 42,5 N
LST EN 197-1 : 2011
unlimited24 ± 3 MPa52 ± 3 MPa
CEM I 42,5 N (MA)
LST EN 197-1 : 2011
≤ 0,824 ± 3 MPa52 ± 3 MPa
CEM I 42,5 R
LST EN 197-1 : 2011
unlimited28 ± 2 MPa54 ± 3 MPa
CEM I 42,5 R (MA) (A)
LST EN 197-1 : 2011
≤ 0,828 ± 2 MPa54 ± 3 MPa
CEM I 52,5 R (MA)
LST EN 197-1 : 2011
≤ 0,840 ± 3 MPa63 ± 3 MPa
CEM II/A-LL 42,5 N (MA)(A)
LST EN 197-1 : 2011
≤ 0,822 ± 3 MPa50 ± 3 MPa
CEM II/A-LL 42,5 R (MA)(A)
LST EN 197-1 : 2011
 ≤ 0,829 ± 2 MPa54 ± 3 MPa
LST EN 197-1 : 2011
≤ 1,2after 7 days 21 ± 3 MPa43 ± 3 MPa
CEM II/A-S 42,5 N (MA)
LST EN 197-1 : 2011
≤ 0,822 ± 3 MPa 50 ± 3 MPa


An independent Cement Testing Lab is functioning in the company. On 28th May, 1998 Lithuanian National Accreditation Bureau accredited this laboratory. The laboratory performs the cement physical, mechanical, and chemical production testing not only for the internal client, but also for outside customers. Parameters of solid and alternative fuel are being determined in this laboratory. Accreditation scope of cement testing labaratory could be found here.

Cement Testing Lab certifies full testing impartiality and confidentiality. Employees of high qualification work in the Lab. Long-year employees' experience, constant improvement of professional skill, competence, which is confirmed by the successful participation in international campaigns, and great number of daily performed tests are very important quality indicator of laboratory activity.

Authority of Lab undertakes:

To maintain good professional practice, to provide customers only with testing services of high quality.

To provide testing services that meet customer's requirements, to apply to the customer acceptable methods and seek for customer's reversibility

To maintain the management system in the appropriate level and ensure the reliability of test results

To ensure that employees are familiar with the documents of management systems, aware the importance and relevance of their activities and implement policies and procedures of the laboratory and company in their work

To meet the requirements of LST EN ISO/IEC 17025 and to improve the efficiency of management system


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